Cargo Pants: Another Banger

Cargo Pants: Another Banger

Posted by Theadora Brack on Apr 26th 2023

Here at Scout & Molly's, whenever the aughts call, we run to the phone. Wildly sprinting with our hands in the air like Phoebe in the “Friends” television series because it’s still fun to rock fits like it’s 2000-00. 

Party over? Oh, no. Oh, no, no, no. Meet our new favorite OOTD comeback combo from the early ’00s: Cargo pants and the legendary “going-out top.” That’s right. Along with cargo and parachute pants, we’re spying tanks, vests, and corsets—made popular back in the day by former Fly Girl Jennifer Lopez and Disney super hero Kim Possible.

Recently Selena Gomez rocked the look in Rema’s “Calm Down” video. Inspired by sartorial slays of yore, Selena sports black cargo pants and a corset vest. Warning: This song is a vibe. As one YouTube reviewer wrote: “This song has only one problem, it finishes.” We agree. 

Utilitarian Nobility 

What goes around, comes all the way back around. So where to start? If you’re new to the cargo look, we recommend keeping it mellow with a neutral palette in black, khaki, or olive. Keeping balance in mind, team the effortlessly cool, flowing pants with a fitted vest, tank, or tee. A slinky mesh top or turtleneck will also offset the voluminous silhouette of the cargo and elevate the outfit to a day-to-night wardrobe MVP. Then, embrace your inner-Jenny from the block with chain necklaces by Jagged Halo Jewelry or Sahira Jewelry. Or snag a chain belt from Most Wanted. Go for the gold. The heart wants what it wants. 

Need help with sizing or styling? Reach out to us. We’ll be there for you! Like we’ve said before, our advice doesn’t cost a thing. Have fun. Mix it up. As our favorite passion-for-action, super hero Kim Possible used to say, “I can do anything!”